I was born October 26 1964 in Orrville, Ohio. I have been a resident of Knox County since 1980. I grew up on our family farm where I learned the value of hard work and I learned many skills that have been valuable in many ways throughout my life. I attended Danville local school and Knox County Career Center before beginning my working career at Samples Service Station, Danville Feed and Supply, B&J Drilling, 7&7 Trucking and Burrows Paper before starting my own garage in 1990. I was self-employed at Dan’s Repair Shop and after I expanded the business, I changed the Name to Danville Tire andAlignment. Danville Tire is still in operation and managed by family members.

Around 2002 I decided that I wanted to serve our citizens. So, I signed up for Police Academy at COTC. I passed all the necessary courses and passed the 200 question State of Ohio Peace Officer test. I was hired by Danville Police Department in 2003 as a volunteer officer. I enrolled in as many police related training courses that the Village of Danville could afford to send me to. I paid out of my pocket for several courses that I felt I needed to perform my job. I am a Firearms Instructor, Hostage Negotiator, School Resource officer and K-9 Officer just name to name a few. In 2010 a full-time position came available and I accepted the position. With in a few months a position came available to be a K-9 Officer in which I accepted and have been a K-9 Officer ever since. I advanced from a road officer to Sergeant, Lieutenant and now my present position as the Chief of Police.
I am the proud father of four adult children three of which are in the health care field and my youngest that has a few months of High School left. He is undecided on what career is right for him. I am currently engaged to a wonderful local woman who shares my passion for helping others and serving.
Ever since I started in the Law Enforcement field my mission has been to serve our hard working tax payers the best I can. I plan on extending this mission to all the tax payers of Knox County. “I feel what is good for one is good for all”. No one is above the law!!
Daniel John Weckesser

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