Deborah Burchett is running FOR CLARK COUNTY SHERIFF


Sheriff Deborah K. Burchett was born and raised in Clark County and is a member of St. Bernard Catholic Church. After graduating from the Ohio Peace Officers Academy, she went to Clark State Community College and earned an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice.  She then graduated from Columbia-Southern University receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

She began her career at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in 1982 under Sheriff Raymond B. Jordan; her law enforcement career has included working in every division at the Sheriff’s Office. She was first assigned to the Jail Division where she worked less than a year. Next, she was assigned as a Deputy to Tecumseh High School.  After her school assignment, she was transferred to the Road Patrol for several years until being promoted to the Detective Division. During her time in the Investigations Division, she worked with the drug task force and investigated various high pro-file cases. She also worked in the Sex Offenders Registration and Notification Division-also known as S.O.R.N.  She became the first female at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to be promoted to Sergeant over the Investigations Division.  In 2011 she retired from the Sheriff’s Office and began working at the South Vienna Police Department.

Throughout her law enforcement career, she has earned various achievements which include but aren’t limited to a Meritorious Award, Exceptional Service, Best of the Best Award, Homicide Apprehension Award, Sheriff’s Award, Academic Award and Honor Guard.

In 2016, she made history not only in Clark County by being the first female elected as Sheriff but also by being the only the third female Sheriff in the State of Ohio.

Sheriff Burchett is very dedicated to her community, employees and her family. She is open and makes herself available anytime to those that need her help.  During her term as Sheriff, she has worked diligently to improve the programs and practices at the Sheriff’s Office.  She has shown her investment in the community by participating in community events and developing partnerships within the community.

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