Melanie Leneghan is running FOR THE OHIO REPUBLICAN

Melanie Leneghan isn’t a career politician. She’s a businesswoman, Christian, wife, mother, and community leader who is running for Congress to take power back from Washington and return it to the people.
Melanie knows that the career politicians have stopped listening to the everyday Americans they’re supposed to represent, and she refuses to stay on the sidelines while they sabotage President Trump’s agenda. From Day One, Melanie will go to work helping President Trump drain the swamp, fighting to pass his pro-worker, pro-family agenda, and finally put the forgotten men and women of this country first again.
The true conservative who will fight for us – and win.
Values matter. Melanie knows that winning in 2018 won’t be easy, and that there’s nothing the Democrats won’t say or do to defame our President and the Republican Party. But with the right candidate, the right campaign, and the right message, we can send a true conservative to Congress to support President Trump’s agenda. Melanie Leneghan is that candidate.
Melanie’s positive, optimistic message of growth and opportunity, plus her refusal to back down to the Democrats, the swamp, and their mudslinging make her the right candidate for this moment. She is unafraid to stand up to the Democrats in Congress and she will fearlessly champion everyday Americans. Melanie will fight and win for them.
In President Trump, we finally have a chance to turn back the tide of liberal legislation that has threatened the moral fabric of our country for far too long. Melanie is the conservative Republican who will fight for us, win for us, and will stand with our President every step of the way.

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