Melissa Tuttle is running FOR CLARK COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS


I am running for Clerk of Common Pleas Court in Clark County. I won my primary on March 15th for the Republican nomination; I do have a competitor so if you are a registered voter in Clark County and would like to support me whether you are a conservative, liberal, moderate, undeclared, ect… I would greatly appreciate you requesting the Republican ballot on my behalf to vote for me and support me because…

1. I am a local attorney; that has experienced the current antiquated clerk’s office and can articulate the changes that need to be made and updates that are desperately needed.
2. I am a fiscal conservative; I desire to save the county money by evaluating the status quo and making the necessary changes to benefit the people of Clark County.
3. I am involved in the community; I care about Clark County and desire to help improve this community, including our local downtown where the Clerk’s Offices are located.
4. I believe that the government should be easy to access and the access to justice is vital for our community, which means records should be accessible online to attorneys, pro se litigants, and for the general population to view criminal and civil records at ease.
5. I believe in quality customer service, hours of government offices should be flexible to assist the population they serve, e.g. attorneys should be aware of when the office will be closed, the title department should have extended hours to allow for easy transfers, and access to the title department should be reevaluated and possibly relocated to a more convenient location.
6. I believe that forty years in the same position of government should be changed so that new ideas can be accepted, e.g. fax and e-file filings should be accepted by our local courts.
7. Finally I am a young, female, fiscal conservative that wants to make the government better, more efficient, cost efficient, accessible, and wants the opportunity to prove that cutting costs can be done in government and that government can work for the people.

I would appreciate your support to make these changes and many more changes to benefit Clark County and improve the Clerk’s Office.

If you have completed reading my announcement, THANK YOU! And I hope to not be a burden on your news feed; I will be civil, professional, and hopefully never overbearing.

Thank you once again. And whatever your political beliefs are, please understand that this position TO ME is about saving the county money, including accepting direct deposit.


Attorney admitted to Ohio Bar and Southern District of Ohio Federal Bar
Capital University Law School and received honors in business law and alternative dispute resolution
University of Toledo with a B.S. in Law, Economics, and Business with a minor in Business Administration
Shawnee High School honors graduate


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