• Term Limits: Ohio Republican PAC supports term-limits. President Trump has signed the Term-Limit Pledge. Although it is not officially part of the America First platform we have integrated it into our State platform.
  • Sunset ProvisionsOhio Republican PAC believes it is good practice that all laws created by any legislative body have a sunset provision contained within them. This helps to reduce the size of government over time.
  • Equitable Application of the LawThe Ohio Republican PAC supports the equal application of the law with no special dispensations for members of Congress or State legislators.
  • The Free MarketOhio Republican PAC opposes State and Federal governments trespassing into the free-market with few exceptions. Meddling in our markets with financial tools that reward -or- punitive regulations that manipulate or obfuscate our freedom of choice; are an attack on our freedoms and capitalism.
  • Right to LifeThe Ohio Republican PAC supports life passionately with no-exceptions. Any measure that reduces abortion is a moral move in a positive direction. We stand ready to fight against abortion on-demand advocates.
  • Right to Defend and Protect: Ohio Republican PAC supports the Second Amendment and opposes more restrictions on firearms. Ohio Republican PAC does support common-sense limited access to firearms for those suffering from mental illness or the short term side-effects of pharmaceuticals. There are already laws that cover these situations. Ohio Republican PAC does not support subjective measures to determine mental health as subjective measures can be abused and used as an excuse to confiscate firearms from individuals not suffering from pharmaceutical side effects or mental illness. Ohio Republican PAC supports the expansion of Castle Laws and Stand Your Ground Laws.
  • Sanctuary Cities: Ohio Republican PAC will not support state candidates that support sanctuary cities and oppose the mission of ICE.
  • Energy: The Ohio Republican PAC opposes subsidies for energy sources that are not due to national security or resiliency concerns. Our focus is eliminating the egregious special dispensations for technologies that achieve no national, economic, or resiliency security goals.


Promises Made - Promises Kept

  • Socialism: President Trump is a staunch defender of our nations representative republic and the electoral college provided for by the United States Constitution. President Trump opposes all efforts to impose mob rule (the popular vote).
  • Economy and Jobs: President Trump jump-started America’s economy into record growth, which created jobs and increased take-home pay for working Americans.
  • Immigration: President Trump protected the American homeland by enforcing immigration laws, so that every American can feel safe in their community. President Trump is a staunch defender of the mission of ICE.
  • Foreign Policy: By promoting natural and reciprocal trade agreements, President Trump put America first. This includes exiting TPP, renegotiating NAFTA, and securing major new bilateral deals with major trading partners.
  • National Security and DefensePresident Trump ended the Iran Nuclear deal. President Trump is rebuilding our military, crushed ISIS, and confronted rogue nations to protect America and our allies. President Trump intends to keep his promise to build a security wall on our Southern Border to stop unvetted open-border immigration and greatly reduce the lawlessness caused by the illicit drug trade and human traffickers.
  • Regulation: President Trump removed red tape and ended unnecessary regulations that stifle economic growth and prosperity.
  • Land and Agriculture: President Trump created a task force on agriculture and rural prosperity that included actions to improve the lives of rural Americans. President Trump has issued executive orders that compel federal agencies to coordinate the use and regulation of federal lands with local governments.
  • Law and Justice: President Trump partnered with local communities and worked with local law enforcement to protect American communities. President Trump supports policies and laws that provide law enforcement professionals a safe environment and less litigious environment with which to accomplish their mission.
  • Energy and Environment: President Trump reversed years of policies that locked up American energy and restricted our ability to sell to other countries.
  • Government Accountability: One of President Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to make a government by and for the people. Throughout his first year in office, the President worked to drain the swamp and created more transparency.
  • Health Care: President Trump repealed the Obamacare individual mandate, expanded plan choices and increased competition to bring down costs for consumers.
  • Infrastructure and Technology: President Trump is building stronger rural communities by ensuring Americans have access to the quality infrastructure they deserve.
  • Social Program Reform: President Trump and his Administration protected life by fighting back against illegal drug shipments, opioid abuse, and abortion service providers.
  • Education: President Trump and his administration supported the expansion of school choice across the country so every parent has a voice in their child’s education. President Trump is committed to marginalizing and reducing the Common core curriculum and promoting greater vocational training access.
  • Veterans: President Trump made sure the government fulfilled its commitment to our country’s veterans by reforming the V.A., including firing the 500 worst managers in the agency and providing education and health benefits.