Shelby Hunt is running FOR CONGRESS for OHIO’S 15TH DISTRICT


Born in Texas, but from Central Ohio since age 7, get to know a little about Shelby X. Hunt. From police officer to small business entrepreneur, he has a wealth of experience to offer as your representative.

Shelby’s adult career path began while studying Criminal Justice at Ohio Dominican College (now University) when he was commissioned by the Perry Township Police Department to go through Peace Officer Certification.

After graduating from the police academy, he was encouraged by one of of his instructors to apply for a position with the Granville Police Department and was hired.

During that time in Granville, Shelby also went through Basic Firefighter Training and served as a volunteer with the Granville Fire Department.

Several years later, Shelby applied and was hired by the Groveport Police Department and by the age of 25 was promoted to Sergeant.

Shelby was still living in Granville and noticed the need for local dial-up Internet access and despite his full-time Police Sergeant duties, started his first entrepreneurial venture NexTek Designs.

After selling his interest in NexTek, Shelby also decided to leave police work and pursued a career in media.

In 1999, Shelby became WWCD FM’s first Internet Sales Manager where he helped establish the radio station as one of the first to livestream / simulcast over the Internet.

Born out of the successes at WWCD, Shelby established his company of Rogue Media in 2005, but also worked as Director of Interactive Development and New Media for WCMH-TV and recently held a management position with a Central Ohio media company.

Under these umbrellas, Shelby has been part of advertising sales, budgeting, media buying / planning, content creation, experiential marketing  and video game journalism.

For leisure activity, Shelby is a gamer, enjoying video and collectible card games. He also enjoys exercising, sport shooting and snowboarding.


With a mix of both public and private sector experience, Shelby is ready serve as your representative.

  • Former Police Sergeant
  • Senior Level Management
  • Entrepreneur
  • Small Business Owner

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