Our Vision

We Are Here To Help You To Help Our FUTURE!

Dominate Politics

We have a strategy for voter engagement unlike anything currently. This strategy will allow us to win.

Dominate Ohio Polling

We believe we can engage with passionate conservative to build the largest polling service in Ohio for Republicans.

Candidate Services

We believe that we can build enough trust among passionate conservatives to offer candidate services to endorsed candidates.

Conservative Media Outlet

We believe we can produce and distribute a conservative newspaper as a counter to mainstream media. This can be a funding source for our organization.

Speakers Circuit

We believe we can create a conservative speaking circuit in Ohio that will have well known conservative personalities and scholars give lectures.

Issues-based Fundraising

Issues based fundraising year-round with events, dinners, picnics, concerts, partner raffles, and sweepstakes.

Dominate Voter Engagement

We believe we can build an organization that can engage and educates voters like never before.

Candidate Evaluations

We believe we can become a goto unbiased source for evaluating candidates. There are very few unbiased organizations out there.

Policy Experts

We believe we can attract the best subject matter experts that can evaluate laws and policies and create ingenious and beneficial policies.


Federal Domination

There is no reason that Ohio should ever have non-conservative federal legislators

A majority of Ohioans identify as being conservative or lean conservative. Our failure to elect all conservatives is due to a lack of education and passion for the Republican party.

State Domination

While Republicans dominate the Statehouse many are not conservative.

We need better education in Ohio’s more populated areas of conservative principles. Too many Republicans have gotten elected due to poor Republican leadership, a lack of drive, and no passion for the Republican brand.

We Succeed Where County and State Leadership Fails

“We can’t win” should never be in our vocabulary

We owe it to everyone that has fought for this country to try harder. Where would we be if they had given up? Certainly, winning may take time but we should never hesitate to take the first step.


Our mission is to help better facilitate the will of the people by helping conservatives focus on the important issues and employ strategies to attain beneficial outcomes.