While we Slept Columbus became a Sanctuary City

Something is rotten in Columbus and it is not the sports teams.
November 28th, marked a violent and bloody radical Muslim attack on the Campus of Ohio State University. A little over 60 days later, politically correct city officials are bending over backwards to appease the Columbus, OH Muslim Community.
Mayor Andrew Ginther, of Columbus, OH, days later issued executive orders that state:
Mayor Andrew J. Ginther signed an executive order reaffirming and expanding the city’s policies on immigration today at the Fedderson Community Recreation Center on the Northeast Side.
“This executive order reinforces and expands what we have been doing for decades. It is also consistent with the policies of the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. It upholds the rule of law and the diversity that defines our city,” said Mayor Ginther. “The future of Columbus is big enough, bright enough and safe enough for everyone.”
The executive order consists of four points:
• The City of Columbus welcomes refugees and immigrants.
• The City will not use city offices or employees to detain people solely based on their immigration status.
• The City will offer the same city services to immigrants and refugees that are offered to all of our residents.
• The City will vigorously oppose any effort to require the use of local taxpayer resources for the enforcement of federal immigration policy.
A mayoral executive order concerns the implementation of laws and/or mayoral polices. This is the second executive order signed by Mayor Ginther since he took office in January 2016.

Isn’t common sense supposed to exist in the city that is both the Capital of Ohio and home to one of the largest Universities in the Country?

Not to be outdone in the stupidity department, State Representatives Stephanie Howse of Cleveland and Dan Ramos of Lorain are fighting Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel who wants to make it illegal for Ohio cities to become Sanctuary cities.
Ramos and Howse said the Mandel proposal would force communities to spend local tax dollars on federal law enforcement, keeping police from investigating local crime and causing immigrants to view them as an enemy.
“It’s not up to us to create a second immigration enforcement service,” Ramos said. “When police are working on immigration – state and local police – they’re not solving crime. They’re checking papers.”
Dan Ramos and Stephanie Howser are both in highly unionized districts that traditionally abhor illegal immigrants. The “Rank and File” union members know when the labor market is flooded with a surplus of labor that results in low wages and many times poor working conditions. Others realize that many of the gangs that run in Lorain and Cuyahoga Counties have their origins south of the border and play an integral part in the Heroin epidemic that Northern Ohio is suffering from.
Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is throwing his support behind a proposed bill to ban “sanctuary cities” and hold local elected officials who buck the ban criminally liable for crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.
The bill, which has not yet been introduced in the General Assembly, would prohibit Ohio cities from adopting policies that ban or limit local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration authorities.
Mandel backed the legislation in a Monday press call with the bill’s sponsor, newly elected Rep. Candice Keller.
“This legislation is about protecting parents and kids here in Ohio,” Mandel said.
Truly what is at issue here is Democrat payback for Donald Trump’s executive orders temporarily freezing immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries until proper vetting procedures can be put into place to ensure the safety of Americans.
Obviously, the vetting procedures are not working as intended as Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was shot and killed by a responding OSU police officer in the terrorist attack on the grounds of OSU.
Trump has not banned immigration. He has temporarily frozen it for safety sakes.
I may not know much, I may be called a racist and a bigot, but all I do know is that I am smart enough to close the gate to the hen house to keep the wolves from coming in. I just guess we have some legislators that are playing the part of the chickens and they are trying to open the gate for the wolf.
I wonder how quickly these legislators would be to condemn Trump’s actions if the terrorist attack that happened at OSU happened at the state capital? Oh, that’s right, they have several state highway patrolmen their keeping them safe.
The long and the short of it, the city council of Columbus and our two legislators in Northern Ohio give life to defining Stalin’s useful idiots.

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