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The Ohio Republican PAC has made the following endorsements for the 2022 Primary.


M/F Candidate District
M James Horton 1
M Jim Burgess Sr. 3
F Meta Hahn 3
M Kent Keller 4
F Jessica Franz 5
F Lori Viars 7
M Seth Morgan 7
F Barbara Howadel 8
M George Brunemann 8
F Laura Rosenberger 10
M Mark Johnson 10
F Abigail Brentlinger 11
M Tim Brentlinger 11
F Stephanie Kremer 12
M Mike Whitte 13
F Patty Stein 13
M Peter Aldrich 13
M Christopher Orlick 14
F Gloria Martin 14
M Joe Healy 15
M Geoff Hatcher 16
M Angela K Ryan 17
F Denise Verdi 18
M Jack Boyle 18
M Gary James 19
F Melanie Leneghan 19
M Jake Warner 20
F Sabrina Warner 20
M Joe Miller 21
F Laverne Gore 21
F Lucy Stickan 21
M Dakota Thomas 22
F Doris Peters 23
M Shannon Burns 24
M Jim Burgess 25
F Stacey Bayliff 25
M Jonathan Zucker 26
F Lisa Cooper 26
F Stephanie Stock 27
F Patty Gascoyne 28
F Chris Mauer 29
F Nicole Hunter 30
F Antonia Blake 31
M Charles Blake 31
M Charles Johnson 32
M Rick Barron 33

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INPORTANT NOTICE: It has come to our attention that the Swamp has decided to attack our endorsement for Gary James and Melanie Leneghan as lies.  Do not believe this fake news.  Melanie and Gary have been endorsed by the Ohio Republican PAC, the Delaware County Republican PAC, the Knox County Republican PAC, the Holmes County Republican PAC, and the Coshocton Republican PAC.  We are please to endorse Melanie and Gary.  They are truly PRACTICING Conservatives.  The endorsements were made prior to June.


OHRPAC Endorses Gary James

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OHRPAC Endorses Melanie Leneghan

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OHRPAC Endorses Angie King

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OHRPAC Endorses Beth Lear

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OHRPAC Endorses Thad Claggett

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OHRPAC Endorses Kim Georgeton

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Not paid for by any candidate or candidate campaign - Paid for by the Ohio Republican PAC

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