• Unelected Regional Governments: The Ohio Republican PAC opposes regional authorities and governance that is not elected by Ohio citizens and is conveyed by statute or appointment.


  • Term Limits: The Ohio Republican PAC supports term limits that do not allow the continual jumping from the Ohio House to the Ohio Senate. We suggest a limit of twenty years to hold State office (eight in the House and twelve in the Ohio Senate.)


  • Limited Taxation and Spending: The Ohio Republican PAC supports limiting Ohioans' combined taxes by an Ohio Constitutional Amendment and limiting State Government spending to an adopted formula.


  • Identity Politics: The Ohio Republican PAC supports only recognizing biological sex and not gender identity in the treatment of all its citizens


  • Healthcare Freedom: The Ohio Republican PAC supports the decentralization of the Ohio Department of Health powers and that the Ohio Governor in times of an emergency, shall not suspend laws as provided for in the Ohio Constitution based on a healthcare emergency. More on this in our Education Platform.


  • Education Reform: The Ohio Republican PAC supports the prohibition of political indoctrination and prohibits morality and worldview education that do not align with the non-devotional views of modern Judaism and Christianity.


  • Sunset Provisions: Ohio Republican PAC supports a sunset provision on all laws of no more than ten years. This helps to reduce the size of government over time and ensures that Ohio's Statutes are continuously reviewed.


  • Equitable Application of the Law: The Ohio Republican PAC supports the equal application of the law with no special dispensations for members of Congress or State legislators.


  • The Free Market: Ohio Republican PAC opposes State and Federal governments trespassing into the free market with few exceptions. Meddling in our markets with financial tools that reward -or- punitive regulations that manipulate or obfuscate our freedom of choice is an attack on our freedoms and capitalism. The Ohio Republican PAC will always support an equal application of the lowering of taxes to attract businesses and entreprenuers to Ohio and will not condemn taxes that are imposed to recoop the costs imposed on the State.


  • Right to Life: The Ohio Republican PAC supports life passionately with no exceptions. Any measure that reduces abortion is a moral move in a positive direction. We stand ready to fight against abortion-on-demand advocates.


  • Right to Defend and Protect: Ohio Republican PAC supports the Second Amendment and opposes more restrictions on firearms. The Ohio Republican PAC does support common-sense limited access to firearms for those suffering from mental illness or the short-term side-effects of pharmaceuticals. There are already laws that cover these situations. The Ohio Republican PAC does not support subjective measures to determine mental health, as subjective measures can be abused and used as an excuse to confiscate firearms from individuals not suffering from pharmaceutical side effects or mental illness. Ohio Republican PAC supports the expansion of Castle Laws and Stand Your Ground Laws.


  • Sanctuary Cities: The Ohio Republican PAC will not support state candidates who support sanctuary cities and oppose the mission of ICE.


  • Energy: The Ohio Republican PAC opposes subsidies for energy sources not due to national security or resiliency concerns. We do not believe that global warming is an existential threat and believe that preposterous carbon neutral schemes, mandates, and requirement should be repealed and eliminated. Our focus is eliminating the egregious special dispensations for technologies that achieve no national, economic, or resiliency security goals. The Ohio Republican PAC supports Ohio's energy independence and supports the re-regulation of Ohio's electrical and natural gas grid.
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