The Ohio Home School Council

How home education will work under this plan

  1. Home education shall be able to receive the same universal performance vouchers as other schools.
  2. Home education students will be tested on life skill standards set by the State of Ohio.
  3. Home school educators will submit annual curricula and lesson plans to the Ohio Home School Council.
  4. The Ohio Home School Council shall maintain an artificial intelligence platform that will unbiasedly test and score home school students on the comprehension of their studies.
  5. Home educators may train the artificial intelligence custom curricula content that shall devise and score custom assessment tests. Alternatively, home educators may use the State Board of Education’s online curricula and standardized testing or other standard curricula and testing as approved by the Ohio Home School Council.
  6. All home school students from 4th grade and above must be tested quarterly at a testing center or witnessed by a certified home school proctor.

Composition of the Ohio Home School Council

  1. Shall be composed of nine appointed members who must have successfully home-schooled their children or are currently home-schooling their children.
  2. The Governor shall make three appointments, the Speaker of the Ohio House shall make three appointments, and the Senate president shall make three appointments.
  3. Members shall serve terms that coincide with their appointers.
  4. Annually, members must undergo a vote of confidence by home school educators. If a member receives a majority vote of no-confidence, then they shall be removed. The appointer shall then make another appointment
  5. The Ohio Home School Council shall provide a reasonably secure electronic method for a vote of confidence among home school educators.
  6. Members of the Ohio Home School Council may be removed by an emergency with at least 33% of home educators signing a petition for their removal.
  7. The Governor shall determine the officers of the Home School Council - The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasure, and Secretary

Responsibilities of the Ohio Home School Council

  1. Maintain a database of homeschool educators
  2. Assess Home School students for comprehension of curricula
  3. Assess Home School students' life skills
  4. Certify and audit home school proctors


  1. Members of the Home School Council shall be paid an amount equivalent to State Board of Education members
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